How to Give a Talk

**That Actually Gets You Clients**

Leslie Huddart L.Ac.

Healing Business Mentor | Acupuncturist

Leslie has been in practice since 2010 and has built successful practices in two major cities.

Her most recent practice was cash based, three days a week, working only in packages of 3 or 6 months. 

Leslie combines her business degree and years of personal experience to give healers, introverts and empaths the tools they need to make an awesome living working with ideal clients.


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Here's the Truth:

.... if running your own business were easy, everyone would be doing it.

While I can't take all the challenges out of building a successful healing business, I can promise you that it doesn't have to be so hard.  I've learned the hard (and expensive) way what works and what doesn't. 

What most people don't understand is that: 

Healing Businesses Are Different

HEALING BUSINESSES have unique challenges that regular businesses don't.

We're not just selling widgets.

Healing work, whether it's emotional or musculoskeletal is a RELATIONSHIP between provider and patient, and often people have to overcome:


just to get in to your office for a first appointment.

This takes a special set of healing business owner skills that are simple to learn, but aren't taught in practitioner school programs. 

You CAN build an awesome healing business that supports your patients as well as your bottom line.

Successful Practitioners aren't doing this $&^t alone

So if you've done with:

  • Trying to figure it out on your own, only to end up back at the same stuck place
  • ​Wasting time and lost income from new patients you could have been getting with better guidance and approaches
  • ​Feeling like your only options are slimy sales techniques or being broke
  • ​"I'm just not good at selling myself" and other misguided beliefs about what it actually means to connect authentically with clients
  • ​Overwhelm and the "paralysis of analysis"

...if so, I can help. 

Are you ready for it all to feel easier & financially rewarding?

Imagine that for less than the cost of a New Patient Appointment per month you could:

  •  Know exactly what steps to take in which order
  • ​Find your sustainable model for making a great living while helping others
  • ​Attract awesome clients while repelling those who aren't ideal
  • ​Know the exact process to take people from "interested" to "booked"
  • ​Get personalized guidance for your business every step of the way

I know what it's like to be starting out in practice or balancing business building with budget.

I don't offer Mentorship Programs with huge investments or long-term commitments....just good ol' fashioned support and mentoship to give you what you need most, when you need it. 

If your inner voice is giving you that "nudge" to check it out, let's hop on the phone and talk more 1:1.    You'll be glad you did. 

Mentorship isn't for everyone. 

If what I do is not for you, I'll tell you straight up and send you in the direction of things I think would serve you better. 

There's no risk and you've got nothin to lose. 

Your future patients thank you.


30 Days
Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Checkout Protected

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