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Here's What Our Graduates Are Saying

 "The Body Wisdom Academy is definitely a way of becoming really good friends with your body and really listening to the wisdom that's there.  

It's a way of coming into your power and it's the secret energy things that are going on that are the important aspects to that work of embodiment and power."

      -Michelle B.  
Somatic Art Therapist
      Body Wisdom Academy Graduate

 "I decided to do this training because I was ready for the next level in my life and needed a little help to get there.

 Now, I’m able to live more in my body instead of up in my head and tap into my body and what it needs, as it arises.

 I have a lot less anxiety I’m just calmer and more peaceful in my everyday life. "

      -Katie G.  
                          Body Wisdom Academy Graduate

"I would like to say that Leslie is a professional but she is also kind and caring and very dedicated to the people she works with. 

And I have been nothing but impressed with her knowledge and dedication and determination and just integrity. 
 I think she’s an amazing women and I’m so very happy I did this with her."                                  

  -Wendy R.  
                  Body Wisdom Academy Graduate

" I notice that I’m less scattered and more present. I question less the choices I make on a day to day basis. I feel like I have more energy and vitality for things."

- Mica G. , Therapist
Body Wisdom Academy Graduate

"It’s changed my relationships in that I‘ve stopped depending on outer relationships to fulfill me and I‘m really taking the leap towards my own fulfillment."

- Meredith S.
Body Wisdom Academy Graduate
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